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                  Amateur Radio Special Event @ Maritime Museum San Diego

The oldest active sailing ship in the world, the Barque Star of India, using call sign NS6IO Mobile, will sail in the San Diego area to celebrate her 148th birthday on Saturday the 12th and Sunday the 13th of November. She will be accompanied by the HMS Surprise, also operating using the call sign NS6OI Mobile. HMS Surprise is a sailing replica of the 20 gun British Navy Frigate HMS Rose circa 1757.

Star of India, initially named EUTERPE, was completed in the Ramsey Shipyard, Isle of Man, in November of 1863. She sailed around the world several times carrying cargo and passengers. She was renamed Star of India in 1902 when she joined the Alaska Trading Association carrying cannery workers and cargo from Oakland, CA to canneries in the Bering Sea and returning to Oakland with canned salmon.
The Star of India was brought to San Diego in 1926, was restored over several decades and became the flagship of the Maritime Museum San Diego in early 1970s. HMS Surprise was used for filming the 2003 movie "Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World", starring Russell Crowe.

Homepage of MMSD is

Amateur radio operations each day (12th and 13th November will be as follows:
Star of India:
1600Z until 2300Z - 20 Meters SSB 14275KHz(+/-), alternating every 2 hours with CW on 14035KHz (+/-)
10 Meters SSB 28350KHz  - 2 Meters & 70 CM VHF & UHF FM, alternating between major repeaters in Southern California

HMS Surprise:
1600Z until 2300Z - 20 Meters SSB 14265KHz (+/-) 10 Meters SSB 28375KHz (+/-)
2 Meters & 70 CM VHF & UHF FM, alternating between major repeaters in Southern California

Note: There will be only one operator on duty per vessel each day, so there will be no capability for simo operations on different modes and bands. We ask for your patience because of the expected operator workload and possible occasions of mal de mer on the part of our landlubber radio crew.

Propagation conditions permitting, we plan to alternate operations between 20M and 10M, and stick with whichever band is propagating the best. If the ships venture into international waters, we will append the suffix "/Maritime Mobile" to NS6OI and indicate which of the ships is transmitting.

NS6OI QSL cards will be sent to stations which provide their QSL card and a SASE.
The mailing address for QSL cards is:
Star of India Amateur Radio Club/NS6OI
1492 Harbor Drive
San Diego, CA 92101